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Superman running in the Great ocean Road Marathon through Sep Creek and onto Wye River.

It was so inspring to see a huge number of folks young and old running again this year on a magical sunny day. Good on all of you, awesome effort.


Spring sunshine at last at Treetops Wye River

Rosellas entertain the guests on the balcony at Treetops Wye River.

This morning the sun was awash on the balcony at Treetops and the Crimson Rosellas out in force. They are one of our favorite birds with the beautiful blue and reds. I thought I’d look them up on Wikipedia and found they are one of eight species of colorful Australian parrots of the broad-tailed variety. Yes, those tails are definitely broad, sometimes the tail seems as wide as the body. What Wikipedia doesn’t tell us though, is that these guys can be the greatest goons, jumping and diving and squabbling over the seeds. We (and our guests) watch them for hours.


Truffle heaven 30 minutes from Treetops Wye River

La Bimba's truffle meals at Apollo Bay are a 30 minute drive from Treetops Wye River.

Had a yummy truffle pasta at La Bimba’s in Apollo Bay yesterday. The owners there, Steven Earl and Mikhiala Slade  found a truffle goldmine when they bought their a 36-hectare farm in the Otways a few years ago. They do about 3 or 4 truffle dishes and the season lasts till late August. La Bimba is also great for coffee and other meals and is a spectacular 30 minute drive along the wild coast from Treetops Wye River accommodation.

Wye River General Cafe

Dave Sharry and Richie Ludbrook at their fabulous Wye River General Cafe. We love it! Photo The Age, Eddie Jim.

Our fabulous local cafe, the Wye General, was written up by The Age again last week. At this time of the year we enjoy the wood fire and the spicy soups with baker Pip’s sensational sourdough, oh and don’t forget the latte, creamy and coffeelicious.

We saw an echidna in the garden

We saw an echidna in the garden at Treetops

“Our family just loves this place and this time we brought my mother who is visiting us from the US and she loved it too. Thanks again for all the small details that make Treetops a home away from home for us.”  Avery family.


“What a lovely home away from home. We made friends with the King Parrots and many Crimson Rosellas and the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. I saw two Koalas on the walk to the Wye River beach and we saw 7 more on Grey River Road. One Kookaburra in view from the balcony and a few wrens. Thank you.” Heather and Robin UK.

“An idyllic escape for a couple of days. Refreshing for the mind, body and soul. Loved the birds! Moet and Kismet say thank you and many woofs for letting them stay too. They romped on the Wye River beach!” Rose and Tony.