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Jennifer Mitchell painting

We love this beautiful painting by aboriginal artist Jennifer Mitchell.

At Treetops we love indigenous Australian art and have decorated the house with some paintings we really love. We believe it adds to the enjoyment of our guests when they come to our Wye River accommodation. In fact a lot of our guests comment on the paintings in the Guest Book so we know they like them too.


Norm Stanley, a local aboriginal artist, painted a beautiful work called “Yingally Wor-Ark” on a rock in front of the house.

“This painting represents Treetops as a gathering place where people meet and stay together. The lines in the painting represent the different pathways of the different people that come to visit. And the ‘U’ shapes represent the people who come to visit.

The shape of the four outer circles I’ve painted are the shape of the Southern Cross and they also represent the footprint of Bungil, the giant creature who created this region. He transformed backwards and forwards between a wedge tail eagle and a human. As an eagle the pressure of his wings produced the hills in this region as he flew across the land. In human form Bungil moved through and created animals and plants.

My dad’s country is Western Australia and my mum is from Gippsland. I was born in Geelong. The totem in Western Australia is the wedge tail eagle and so is the Geelong totem. It’s very special that I have the wedge tail as my totem on both sides of my family. “