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Treetops Gift Voucher

gift-voucherDo you have a special person in the family who really needs some time away to de-stress and re-energize?

A Treetops  Gift Voucher can be the answer.
Quite a few of our past guests at Treetops have given gift vouchers to family. They have been given to daughters, mothers, wives and lovers! The girls seem to have been the lucky ones.

How it works

1. You choose what you will give to your special person eg A weekend, 2 nights accommodation midweek, $200 towards a stay, etc
2. You contact us and let us know the gift you would like and prepay
3. We send you the gift voucher in an email, you fill in the details and give it to your special person. Easy!

Later the lucky recipient checks our calendar for a suitable date, calls us and books for a fabulous stay at the amazing Treetops.

You can check our prices and availability here.

Call Rex now to order your voucher: 0408 006 992       rexmbrown@gmail.com                                                    

Here is the Treetops   Gift Voucher:

Gift voucher blank

Treetops Gift Voucher

Download your own copy