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Treetops Wye River dog friendly retreat welcomes you!

Three dogs playing Wye River beach

Treetops has been purpose designed with your dog in mind. There’s a dog safe fence immediately outside the front door as well as a gated section on the balcony. We also provide a kennel and bowls. Everything you could possibly want. You are even allowed on the sofas with the special pet sofa covers in our living room . In the winter you snooze in front of the wood fire. Go down to the Wye River beach for romps in the sand and waves.

All guests with dogs get our free Treetops Welcomes Dog Lovers dog information to make it easy to look after and have fun on our coast with your dog.  Download your copy here. 

Happy Treetops pet guests put their photos on our Dog friendly photo wall.

Treetops is a dog friendly experience. Our Dog guests say
“Guess what? I found a seal down at the Wye River beach! It looked really tough, but I reckon I’m tougher. Anyway we watched it sunning itself for ages, what fun.” Mickie the terrier.

“Our holiday was lovely and my humans were sooo relaxed after three days at Treetops. We even got to see a koala outside the lounge window, so close I could have chased it!” Nakota the labrador.

“Wow, I got to sleep on the sofas, this Treetops house has doggy covers for them.” Bessie the Labradoodle.

“Top holiday, man. My humans and I had a great time, sitting in front of the fire and snoozing and watching DVDs.” Max, the border Collie.

Dogs love the beach. Bring your dog to Treetops on the Great Ocean Road for a fun holiday.

Top 10 things I can do with my human companions at Treetops Wye River.

Sit on the couch and watch the birds on the balcony. “Those cheeky King Parrots are so much fun”.”

Go for a run/walk along the beach “Yeah water and sand! Ohh look, other dogs!”

Go for a swim at the Wye River beach. “Throw me a stick please!”

Go for a walk around the village. “Lots of great smells and sights.”

Sit in front of the fire. “It’s winter, why would I want to go anywhere?”

Go for a drive on the Great Ocean Road. “Let me hang my head out!”

Walk down the hill to the groovy General Cafe for the Saturday newspaper and best latte on the coast. “I know a dog bowl will be provided for me by the charming staff.”

Treetops Wye River pet friendly accommodation welcomes you5 Important things to remember when you bring your dog on holiday with you on the Great Ocean Road.

We know that the guests who bring their dogs are always keen to look after their dogs and do the right thing. But sometimes it is worthwhile to have a few reminders.

“Never leave a dog hot car in the sunshine, even for a few minutes. Dogs don’t sweat like humans do, they use the tongue and panting to cool down, but they can quickly dehydrate and sadly, even die if it’s too hot.

Always make sure your dog gets a drink regularly during the journey.

Keep pooper skooper and bags handy.

In the townships along the coast it is the law to keep your dog on the leash.

Don’t let your dog roam in the grass too much between October and April as this is the snake season.

At Treetops we provide you with information on where to have a dog friendly experience on local beaches and local cafes.