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Happy Treetops pet guests put their photos on our Pet Wall.

Treetops Wye River accommodation welcomes you.

Our beach house at Wye River, Great Ocean Road is celebrating 12 years of happy holiday rentals. As owners we are keen to offer you special relaxing holiday accommodation. We value our Guest’s feedback and endeavour to make changes and improvements as suggested.

We are pleased to say we have many repeat Guests, people who feel that Treetops Wye River is a home away from home. As pet owners we are delighted to offer Treetops Wye pet friendly accommodation, we understand how important it is for people to be able to bring along their four legged best friend.

Treetops Wye River accommodation owner publishes "Saving Snow Leopards Blog"

Treetops Wye River accommodation owners have both had many years experience in corporate lives, specifically the newspaper industry, internet marketing and engineering projects. Nowadays we are also involved in animal conservation, working on local wildlife conservation and publishing the “Saving Snow Leopards Blog”, a globally acclaimed website on the beautiful endangered snow leopard and the people who share its remote habitat in the Himalayas and mountains of Central Asia.